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Education Consultancy

Consulting is the process of assisting individuals or a group of individuals by suggesting solutions to their specific problems!

Education consultancy deals with career-related issues of students and helps with career planning & management.


Generally, education consultancies operate through brick & motor outlets, usually located across various cities & towns in India.


Though, education consulting service is considered a tier-2 category job role.


However, few educational consultancies do exceptionally well compared to most service providers.


Due to their sophisticated network of career counselors and partnership with many educational institutions, some consultancies outperform others!


Educational consultancies play a significant role in promoting & encouraging students to pursue higher education at the ground level.


  • Creating awareness about colleges & universities
  • Providing information about various courses
  • Assisting candidates with university enrollment


The role of education consultancy in the 21st century:


In the 21st century digital age, individuals can easily access educational information through the web & internet.


Moreover, online education is booming as many educators prefer to teach online.


Students can prepare for entrance exams or pursue an online degree from universities and Edu-Tech service providers.


Hybrid learning (online+offline mode) has improved the overall learning experience for learners.


Online learning saves time, is cost-effective, and provides access to world-class education from anywhere across the globe.


Offline learning enhances personality development, the ability to work as a group, hands-on laboratory training, internship & job placement opportunities, and work experience.


Education consultancies act as a bridge that assists individual learners in career choices, mode of instruction, college & university selection, etc.


Indeed, digital media has increased the competition among consultancies and online web portals to offer learners counseling and educational services.


Admission Backup is among the few consulting service providers that offer quality and expertise in educational services over quantity.


Our guidance has impacted the lives of many learners & we have established ourselves as a prominent education consultancy in India.


Why choose education consultancy for career guidance?


Anxiety and fear are common among students who fail to secure good marks in entrance exams or get job placements after completing an academic degree.


We insist that students persistently try to achieve their career goals even if the circumstances are not in their favor.


Those who strive hard eventually become successful in achieving their objectives.


Guidance from experts can help you effectively tackle the hurdles which come your way!


You can take advantage of our free online career guidance services.


We are available round the clock to answer your doubts and assist you with your career goals.


Schedule a free consultation with us.


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